Establishing Tri Carragh as an industry expert and boosting brand visibility through targeted PR efforts, we focused on securing high-quality backlinks and generating SEO-optimised content to support website visibility in the SERPs.


increase in referral traffic


increase in domain authority


increase in users


increase in organic traffic

The Brief

Client – Edinburgh-based Tri Carragh specialises in single-cask Scotch whisky, and each bottle created is limited in numbers. The whisky retailer has stockists across Scotland.

What was our aim? – By achieving high-quality links from a dedicated wishlist of media publications, including national, regional, lifestyle, men’s interest, retail, and industry-specific publications, our objectives included positioning Tri Carragh as experts within the food and drink industry as well as boosting brand awareness and supporting website visibility through developing SEO-optimised content.  

What did we do? – Since working with Tri Carragh, the team has developed three PR campaigns and five PR mailers and monitored and managed their press office. We also engaged with traditional PR activity to raise awareness of Tri Carragh’s bottling releases. 

One of the digital PR campaigns we developed included the ‘Ultimate Edinburgh Bar Crawl’. By taking the best-reviewed bars in Edinburgh (especially those where Tri Carragh is stocked), we created a campaign that mapped out the best establishments to visit. We included factors such as the length of time of the bar crawl, sightseeing landmarks along the way, accompanying food stops on the crawl, and what makes each bar a worthy visit. To bolster the campaign, we created a map visualising the bar crawl.

Tri Carragh Edinburgh Bar Crawl Map

As we entered the colder months, we created a PR mailer based on search data that revealed an increasing interest in terms like ‘home remedies for cough’ and ‘home remedies for sore throat.’ To address this growing curiosity, we uncovered the unexpected health advantages of whisky and its potential use as an alternative home remedy for winter illnesses. To bolster the PR mailer, we sought out unique expert insights from an NHS doctor.

The Results

What were the outcomes? – Coverage highlights for the ‘Ultimate Edinburgh Bar Crawl’ included Scottish Daily Express (DA 62), Edinburgh Live (DA 71), and Larder Mag (DA 22). Edinburgh Live coverage generated 62 website referrals to the Tri Carragh website, and the total PR reach accumulated to 3,325,751.

Following outreach of the ‘Whisky Health Benefits’ PR mailer, we secured four pieces of coverage, including four backlinks. Coverage highlights include Larder Mag (DA 18), Wales Online (DA 82), Nottinghamshire Live (DA 77), and Somerset Live (DA 74). 

Comparing before we commenced working with the brand to after 9 months of digital PR activity, all website metrics have seen a positive uplift, including users (+83%), new users (+23%), sessions (+91%), organic traffic (+88%), referral traffic (+75%), and page views (+81%). These results display PR’s direct impact on website traffic and visibility. 

During this time, Tri Carragh’s domain authority increased by seven positions. An increase in domain authority is beneficial for a website because it enhances its credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines such as Google. A higher domain authority often correlates with better search engine rankings, making it more likely for the site’s pages to appear prominently in search results. 

Summary – Wild PR initially partnered with Stravaig Spirits in November 2022 to bolster SEO efforts and enhance the brand’s online presence as they prepared to launch their first whisky bottling through sister brand, Tri Carragh. Our success in elevating website visibility and generating positive results for Stravaig Spirits led to the collaboration with Tri Carragh to support subsequent bottling releases.

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It’s been great working with Wild PR. As a start-up, we needed a company that was understanding of our newness, could provide ideas, and a little push and encouragement. Wild PR responded with patience, helpfulness and, best of all, results which surpassed our expectations. I would have no hesitation recommending them and will continue to work with them in the future.

Ola Lopatowska

Managing Director - Stravaig Spirits

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