Leading specialist in holistic health, Altered Health Solution Ltd’s mission is to empower and encourage people to realise they have a choice to change their lives through functional approaches. The brand aspires to champion people’s choices to redefine their prognosis, take control of their body and mind, and push beyond diagnosis.

Altered Health advocates first-hand knowledge through alternate teaching techniques by offering advice-led clarity calls, bespoke mentoring packages, one-to-one appointments, unique events and most recently, a book. Prioritising the importance of putting our health into a position of priority, Altered Health assures patients that when given the right environment, treatment, and diet, the body can do amazing things.


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The Brief

Wild PR began working with Altered Health in February 2023. The team were brought on board to raise the online visibility of Altered Health, build brand awareness and create exposure following the new book launch. 

Key objectives for our activity included achieving high-quality backlinks from a range of authoritative media publications, including national, regional, lifestyle, women’s interest, health, and industry-specific publications. 

Considering the brand’s goals and after researching the media and competitor landscape, we developed a comprehensive digital PR and link-building strategy to achieve our objectives. Following this, we crafted a customised activity matrix which presented digital PR campaigns, PR mailers, content creation, and continuous press office monitoring.

The Results

During our time working with Altered Health, the strategy consisted of health-focused PR mailers, business announcement news and using traditional PR methods to promote the launch of the new book. 

As part of the book launch, one of the ways we promoted this was through a digital PR mailer. The mailer provided top tips for what people should look for when selecting a self-help book. This gained tier-A national coverage in MSN (DA 92), Yahoo! Sport (DA 88) and Yahoo! Style (DA 81). Industry-specific coverage included linking placement within the wishlist health title, Positive Health (DA, 67).

In addition to the planned digital PR activity, one of our core priorities for Altered Health was to enhance online visibility and brand awareness by focusing on trending and reactive press requests. Reactive opportunities offer a chance to align brands with current trends, showcase thought leadership, and build relationships with the media. Due to Altered Health’s sought-after area of expertise, we were able to provide expert commentary for a range of requests within the health, wellness and lifestyle media space. 

By aligning Altered Health’s expertise with popular trending requests, we were able to successfully position the brand as current and in tune with the interests of its audience and journalists. Coverage achieved encompassed placements within wishlist lifestyle and health publications as well as international media, including: Glamour (DA, 77), Her Agenda (DA, 53), Daily News Hungary (DA, 71), Dubrovnik Times (DA, 58), Your Healthy Living (DA, 38), Workplace Wellbeing (DA, 20) and Phycreg (DA, 51). These pieces, in particular, helped to strengthen SEO objectives and the credibility of the brand in the wellness and health space.

While working with Altered Health, we strategically emphasised key business announcements, including awards and events. By announcing business updates, we strategically targeted key media publications, broadening our reach and amplifying brand awareness across regional media sectors. The business news generated four pieces of regional business coverage, including publications such as Love Business East Midlands (DA, 29) and Connect East Midlands (DA, 15).

Social media

As part of the strategy for Altered Health, Wild PR managed the Health brand’s social media channels. Within the time working on the social activity we saw various standout results, including: 

  • Increase in Instagram followers (+40) 
  • Increase in TikTok followers (+54)
  • A +170% increase in Instagram content interactions 
  • A +191% increase in Instagram profile visits
  • A Facebook reach of 14,357 
  • A +17% increase in Instagram external link taps 

In just three months of our collaboration, we witnessed an impressive social media growth. There was a +40% increase in engaged Instagram accounts, accompanied by a postitive +217% increase in overall post interactions on Instagram. The introduction of reels also proved successful, generating a +338% boost in reel interactions. Other significant improvements included 550 Instagram profile visits, proving a positive increase of +150%. 


During our time working with Altered Health, the majority of website metrics improved, including:new users (+111%), users (+90%), sessions (+80%), and referral traffic (+1,300%). Alongside this, overall website page views achieved a considerable increase of +535%. Some of the top pages which generated the most views included: ‘wellness works’ (+796%), ‘ways 2 wellness’ (+276%), ‘I Am Not My Diagnosis’ (+200%). We also saw an increase in direct traffic new users (+776%.

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