A new study has revealed the top ten uninsured driver hotspots in the UK, according to how many vehicles police constabularies seized between 2019 and 2023 for the road traffic offence¹. 

Based on the new findings gathered by Heald, a leading manufacturer of hostile vehicle mitigation systems, the ten worst offending regions for driving without insurance according to the total number of vehicles seized within the five-year period include:

  1. West Midlands Police – 45,386 
  2. North Wales Police – 19,184
  3. Lancashire Constabulary – 15,658
  4. Hampshire Constabulary – 11,622
  5. Humberside Police – 11,594 
  6. Devon and Cornwall Constabulary – 10,299
  7. Derbyshire Constabulary – 10,232
  8. South Wales Police – 9,042
  9. Cleveland Police – 8,756
  10. Lincolnshire Police – 7,568

uninsured driver hotspots

West Midlands takes the top spot for the most vehicles seized by police due to driving without insurance (45,386). Out of the 45,386 vehicles seized, 11,302 were categorised as ‘medium commercial’ e.g. vehicles often used as work vans. 

While there are multiple factors that may lead someone to forego insuring their vehicle, including recent increases in costs (last year saw premiums surged by 50%²), security expert Debbie Heald MBE suggests that some individuals opt out of insurance as part of criminal activities they intend to carry out. 

Debbie comments: “Commercial vehicles that are bigger than the average car remain linked with attacks, wherein the vehicle serves as a weapon, so it would make sense that a high percentage of vehicles like this were found as uninsured”. 

North Wales Police seized 19,184 vehicles within the five-year period, while South Wales Police caught 9,042 individuals without insurance. Insurance costs in Wales reached a record high in 2023, soaring by 53% according to a recent price index³. 

The sharp rise in insurance costs undoubtedly adds pressure for drivers, especially younger ones, to consider driving without insurance, as security expert Debbie explains. However, it’s important to recognise the significant risks that uninsured drivers pose to pedestrians and property, whether it’s an intentional attack or an accidental incident.

Other uninsured vehicle hotspots include Lancashire (15,658), Hampshire (11,622), Humberside (11,594), Devon and Cornwall (10,299), Derbyshire (10,232), Cleveland (8,756), and Lincolnshire (7,568). 

Debbie continues: “It’s really shocking to see the number of vehicles that have been seized over the last five years, and authorities and insurance companies should assess how they can better collaborate to reduce the number of uninsured drivers on the road. 

“These stark figures should also prompt local authorities to consider anti-ram bollards and traffic bollards where areas have been identified as high-risk for uninsured driving.  Installing perimeter protection promotes feelings of security and peace of mind that people and premises will be protected.” 

For more insights on the UK’s uninsured driver hotspots, please visit: https://www.heald.uk.com/news/uninsured-drivers-the-looming-threat-in-the-uk-and-heres-why/

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