Client: The Kid Collective 

Client overview:

Established in 2018, The Kid Collective emerged as a sibling platform to their thriving eco-friendly baby store, The Nappy Gurus. With a team led by women, The Kid Collective takes pride in presenting its customers with an incredible array of brands that celebrate playful, imaginative, and inclusive experiences for all. Alongside delivering the best prices, sustainable options, and speedy customer service, The Kid Collective is committed to creating an enjoyable shopping environment for its customers.

heating up sales with digital pr

As an integral element of our PR strategy for The Kid Collective, a primary goal is to boost SEO, elevate website visibility, strengthen the brand’s backlink portfolio, and increase sales for those e-commerce brands we work with.

To achieve this, we create digital PR campaigns with the objective of securing high-quality links from a curated list of media outlets, spanning national, regional, lifestyle, women’s interest, and industry-specific publications. Additionally, we closely monitor the news agenda, identifying opportunities for reactive PR.

Considering that the British summertime usually involves a fair few days of rain, we initially planned a “Rainy Days” campaign to highlight activities families could do at home. However, given the prolonged heatwave that swept the UK in June and July, we adjusted our strategy to highlight indoor activities for kids during hot weather.

Reangling this campaign was crucial to maximise results and align with the news agenda at the time. To support the reangling of this content, we gathered expert commentary from an NHS doctor who confirmed that keeping kids indoors during high temperatures is necessary for their health

Concentrating on national, regional, lifestyle, and women’s interest press, our PR campaign focused on key summer activities for parents and children and what they could do in the safety of their own homes away from the dangers of overheating or being exposed to the sun.

standout achievements

  • 140 pieces of linking coverage 
  • Total PR reach of 84,327,243
  • 50% increase in referral traffic 
  • 36% increase in revenue

People on beach during heatwave with thermometer


Tactics used

A key component of our campaign involved creating a list of unique indoor activities for parents to enjoy with their children, considering tighter budgets due to the increased cost of living. We conducted thorough desk research and collaborated with The Kid Collective’s experts to create a list of unique recommendations. As part of the reworked content, we called upon a health expert to contribute unique commentary.

Alongside this, we drafted a blog optimised with relevant keywords to reside on The Kid Collective website, aligning with our SEO goals and offering readers additional insights into indoor activity suggestions. Once all the content was finalised, we initiated a phased media outreach strategy, commencing with national media outlets and gradually extending to regional platforms and lifestyle and women’s interest publications.

results of the digital pr campaign

In total, 140 linking pieces of regional coverage were achieved with stand-out features, including:

News clipping for The Kid Collective
The Kid Collective news coverage in The Argus

Total PR reach for this coverage accumulates to over 84 million. As well as this, the campaign instantly impacted website traffic and visibility. Compared to the day before the coverage was secured in regional titles, The Kid Collective saw an uplift of referrals by +50%. eCommerce metrics also saw positive increases. Compared to the day before the campaign launched, total revenue was up by +36% and first-time purchasers by +9%. A week later, we saw an 8% uplift in users and a +9% in new users.  

These results show the direct impact that broad-reaching online press coverage can have on our clients and support their overall business growth strategies. Learn more about the results for our portfolio of clients here.

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