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Client overview:

Founded in 2018, The Kid Collective was formed as a sister site to their successful sustainable baby store, The Nappy Gurus. A female-led team, The Kid Collective is proud to offer its customers a fantastic collection of brands that champion fun, imaginative and inclusive play for all. While also giving its customers the best prices, sustainable choices, and a friendly, fast customer service experience.


Marie Claire article on the most popular Disney baby names

Key stats

107 pieces of press coverage 

84 links built to the site 

67 average domain authority of press coverage 

Campaign overview/brief

As part of our PR activity for The Kid Collective, one of our main objectives is to enhance SEO and website visibility and to strengthen the brand’s backlink profile. 

To do this, we develop unique digital PR campaigns with the aim of achieving high-quality links from a dedicated wishlist of media publications, including national, regional, lifestyle, women’s interest, and industry-specific titles. As part of our work with The Kid Collective, we also regularly monitor the news agenda for reactive PR opportunities. 

Focusing on the national, lifestyle, and women’s interest press, we developed a reactive digital PR campaign following Molly-Mae revealing her newborn baby’s name – Bambi! 

Molly-Mae announced her big news on the evening of the 29th of January, and we got to work on analysing ONS data to identify the most significant jump in baby names that are also characters in Disney’s most popular films. This allowed us to pinpoint the top ten baby boy and girl names that are Disney-inspired. 

After undertaking the relevant desk research, we drafted a press release the same evening highlighting the key findings, ready to share with the client the following morning to receive approval before we began outreaching to press. 

When carrying out a reactive digital PR campaign, it’s essential that a client understands that often, the success of a newsjacking campaign relies on a quick sign-off process. The quicker you can receive approval from a client, the quicker you can outreach to press and be the first to comment on a trending topic.  

The Kid Collective approved the press release by 7:30am the morning after the name announcement, and we began outreach at 8:00am. 

Tactics used

One of the essential elements of this campaign was being able to curate a top ten list of boy and girl names that were the same as characters from Disney movies. 

To do this, we undertook in-depth desk research, gathering information from ONS baby name data and analysing to see where relevant names were placed in the list. Alongside this, we included commentary from The Kid Collective’s founder, Laura Davies, which included her thoughts on how naming a baby after movies and TV programmes is becoming increasingly popular. 

Alongside this, we drafted a keyword-driven blog to live on The Kid Collective website to support SEO objectives and provide readers with more information on the study. Once all the content was ready, we began a staggered media outreach approach, beginning with national media titles, and expanding to regionals, and  lifestyle and women’s interest. 

The results

The team secured coverage with national wishlist publications as well as regional, lifestyle and women’s interest outlets. 

In total, 107 pieces of coverage and 84 followed links were achieved with stand-out features, including:

Mail Online (94) 

Cosmopolitan (DA 91)

Wales Online (DA 90)

Marie Claire (DA 86) 

Yahoo! (DA 85) 

Hits World Radio (80) 

Planet Radio Northsound (80) 

The average DA authority sits at 67, with PR reach accumulating to over 600 million. These results show the direct impact that broad-reaching online press coverage can have on our clients and support their overall business growth strategies. 

As well as this, the reactive campaign had an instant impact on website traffic and visibility. Compared to the day before the Disney-inspired baby names campaign launched, The Kid Collective saw an uplift of referrals by +129%, with traffic the first week of February being generated from wishlist publications such as Wales Online (17), Cosmopolitan (11), Marie Claire (6), and MSN (6). 

E-commerce metrics also saw positive increases. Compared to day before the campaign launched, checkout completions were up by +78%, transactions were up by +70%, and subsequently, revenue was up by +74% – making sales for this day significantly higher than every day the week before and the week after the campaign launch. 

Alongside this, other metrics that saw an uplift over this two-day period include users (+67%), new users (+70%), sessions (+81%), and page views (+215%). The homepage saw an increase of +247%, and there was a +1,000% surge in users heading to the ‘account’ page to sign up to The Kid Collective. 

The Kid Collective is also now ranking for the keyword ‘Disney baby boy names’, and we expect further growth in relevant keywords in the coming months. Learn more about the results for our portfolio of clients here.

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