Client: Stravaig Spirits

Client overview: Established in 2021, Stravaig Spirits specialises in Scotch whisky, casks, and project management for all bottling services. Services also include bespoke whisky-tasting sessions for domestic and corporate events. 


Key stats

– 29 pieces of press coverage 

– 19 links back to Stravaig Spirits’ website

– 66 average domain authority of press coverage 

– Referral traffic on the website up +4,300%

– Increase of +658% in new users 

– Increase in website sessions of +567%


Campaign overview/brief

Our main objectives for Stravaig Spirits were to enhance SEO and website visibility, improve and build brand awareness and strengthen the brand’s backlink profile. 

To meet these objectives, we developed a competition-based digital PR campaign to enable us to achieve high-quality links in wishlist publications across industry-specific, national, lifestyle and regional titles.

To help Stravaig Spirits choose its next bottling releases, we put a call out for applications for the ‘Best Job in the World’. The release included a job specification for a whisky taster and commentary from Stravaig on why this role would be instrumental in choosing its future bottles. 

The campaign included drafting a call to action release to increase the number of applications (of which we received 145 overall) and a second release to announce the new ‘employee’.

For this campaign, we targeted national, regional, lifestyle, and industry-specific publications. 


Tactics used

One of the essential elements of this campaign was creating a way for people to apply for the job role. We needed a link for people to follow to apply in all written content. 

To do this, we created a Google Form document which included a brief description of the role, spaces for inputting personal details such as a name and age, and several questions to fill out about whisky. Once the application page was created and approved by the client, we could start developing the online content, including a press release, blog and social media content. 

For the press release, we conducted desk research, looking into search volume data for whisky tasting. We also had to look into common structures and tactics for competition or job role press releases, ensuring we developed the perfect campaign to appeal to journalists. 

Alongside this, we drafted a keyword-driven blog to live on Stravaig Spirits’ website to support SEO objectives and provide readers with more information on the job role and how to apply. Once all the content was ready, we drafted accompanying social media posts for the client to generate more traffic to the website. 

We created three posts for the initial release, pushing the applications and then announcing the winner. We then began to outreach the press release, beginning with national media titles and expanding to lifestyle, industry-specific, and regional press. 


The results

The team has secured coverage with national wishlist publications and industry-specific and regional outlets. In total, 29 pieces of coverage and 19 links were achieved, including:

The average DA authority sits at 66, with PR reach heading into the millions. The high authority links and brand mentions had a significant impact on our client’s website performance, with users increasing by 581% from December to January. These results show the direct impact that press coverage can have on our clients, supporting their overall business growth objectives. Not only were users as a whole up but new users were increased by 658%, this shows a direct result of press coverage and link building. 

Referral traffic on the website had an impressive increase of +4,300%, with only three referrals in December and 132 in January. From the PR coverage, many of the referrals came from Plymouth Herald (95). As most of the press coverage went live on the 23rd January, we can see that from the 22nd-23rd January, there was a 259% increase in users and an 1175% increase in referral traffic.

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