Huddersfield based Sheards Chartered Accountants have teamed up with Business Coach and Mentor, Natasha McCreesh, of PiP to Grow Strong to add value to their client services. The business mentor workshops create opportunities for clients for both personal and professional development.

Sheards have taken a wider approach to their accountancy practice by extending their services to include advisory services, rather than simply looking at the numbers. They understand that it is the people themselves that create strength in business, and if they support the people, then the clients’ business will also see the rewards.

Carolyn Atkinson, Director of Sheards Accountancy says:

“So far, Natasha has completed workshops under the titles of ‘Reputation is Everything’ ‘Creating Powerful Habits’ and ‘Tricky and Transformative Conversations’.   The workshops are designed to look at all aspects of growth, beyond the numbers. We chose Natasha to partner with because she has a brilliant reputation of supporting personal development in businesses”

The sessions have had very positive feedback so far. One attendee said:

“Because the sessions are spread out it is great for Natasha to witness how powerful the effect of her classes can influence people positively and actually improve lives and business.”

Natasha McCreesh says:

“For me, it’s great to partner with a firm like Sheards, they are the friendly face of accountancy and I love to laugh, so it’s a perfect match.

I’ve always wanted to support organisations in growth and resilience in business from the human perspective so I find it really refreshing to have an accountancy practise who are open to offering that for their clients. Kevin and Carolyn have always appeared to be forward thinking to me and so I am thrilled to be collaborating with them.”

Natasha is also booked to be the guest speaker at the Sheards Connection:19 Event on 20th June – entitled ‘Managing Change and Uncertainty’ This talk focuses on the impact of change and uncertainty in the workplace. Natasha will highlight 3 timeless leadership strengths that business owners and teams can tap into so that they can navigate change effectively and appreciate the freedom that comes with embracing uncertainty.  To find out more visit

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