Mindset is everything in our career and everyday life. Once you have cracked this, everything else will follow. Especially within the marketing and PR industry. If you want to accomplish great things, adapting your mindset is at the forefront of success. 

With this in mind, here are some qualities that if adopted and developed, will massively benefit your career:

Maintain a positive outlook

This sounds incredibly easy, but it’s one of the simple factors many of us disregard. It can be so easy to fall into a negative mindset if you’re having a bad day at work or just generally feeling down. Common setbacks in work and temporary mistakes can be factors that easily dampen our spirits, but hold it right there. This is the exact moment when our mindset can be adapted to in fact learn from setbacks and mistakes, as opposed to letting them drag us down.

A positive mindset would change mistakes and ‘failure’ into something positive that actually makes us a better person, and funnily enough makes us more successful in the long run. 

Become resilient 

This is an important one. Resilience, if developed effectively can be a massive game-changer. Resilience is essentially the ability to bounce back from unexpected challenges, and in some respects not allow challenges or difficulties to take advantage of you.

Resilient people are able to overcome, adapt and learn from situations in a positive manner. In a workplace scenario, being resilient will greatly contribute to your progression, quality of work and being able to manage people effectively. 

Embrace the challenge

Challenges will grow you as a person and progress your industry experience. Without challenges, we would stay at the same level. Embracing challenges that may be slightly tougher will develop your knowledge, quality of work and much more. It may not be the most enjoyable experience but developing a mindset that encourages you to tackle challenges head-on will ultimately enhance your ability to move forward. 

Manage people effectively

Being able to manage people effectively is an extremely important skill when moving up the career ladder. As much as this may not seem like a mindset factor, mindset definitely contributes to the way you manage people. The ability for someone to communicate consistently, convey leadership, implement a healthy amount of control, develop goals and maintain positive relationships is an art in itself and something to be acknowledged. 

It may be your first time managing a team, or you might have managed people for years. Either way, the correct implementation of people management from someone with a healthy mindset will encourage new opportunities, personal growth and company progression.

Be passionate about your work

It’s not rocket science that being passionate about your work will always contribute to getting better results. Passion should be at the heart of your career. If you’re doing something you feel passionate about,  you will have a high chance of doing well at it. 

Sometimes it’s understandably harder times to feel passionate about certain tasks and workloads, we are only human, but if you feel passionate about your work in general it sure will help. If you’re passionate about the work you do, you will tend to be happier at work. In turn, boosting a positive mindset, increasing motivation, and being able to make better decisions. 


Self-discipline is having the ability not to lose focus, stick to deadlines, eliminate distractions and have the willpower to follow through with your goals. Acquiring a disciplined mindset will allow you to produce high-quality work, whilst not losing focus on other areas of your life. A disciplined approach is all about balance. Consistent time management, organisation and well-thought-out routines will all allow you to become a much more disciplined individual. 

Believe in yourself

This one seems a bit textbook, right? But believing in yourself is something people forget about and we shouldn’t! Believing in yourself is at the core of a lot of the challenges and everyday tasks we face in the workplace. If we didn’t believe we could do something, no one would get anywhere. Self-assurance is such a vital component and it doesn’t come naturally most of the time. Especially if you’re at the starting blocks of your career. 

The fear of failure is the fear that will stop you from progressing! It’s natural to doubt yourself at times, we’re not robots. However, once you develop a mindset that allows you to stop comparing yourself to others, take risks out of your comfort zone, and know your worth, you will surprise yourself with how far this can take you.

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