As we delve into our monthly reports at the Wild HQ, we wanted to share some of our highlights from March.

From digital PR and content creation to social media and business award wins, we achieved some incredible results for our clients and of course, Wild PR itself! 


Digital PR

In order to strengthen a brand’s online visibility, we often recommend strategic digital PR campaigns to improve brand awareness, website Domain Authority (DA) and keyword positioning. Here are some of our favourite examples from this month:


BPI Auctions

In March, we created and outreached several amazing campaigns for our clients, one being BPI Auctions. With classic cars often defined as a make or model that is 25 years or older, the team analysed all cars that have been in production from 1997 to the present day and ranked them by rarity and search volume to find the top ten classic cars of the future. 

BPI March Round Up

Spoiler Alert! The McLaren P1 was named as the top supercar model classic car buyers should consider investing in with the Tesla Roadster and Bugatti Veyron behind in second and third place.

The campaign received a whopping 19 pieces of coverage in national and industry-focused publications, including wishlist titles such as The Yorkshire Post, MSN and Mail Online


Aventus Clinic

Aventus March Round Up

Another client who gained many exciting pieces of coverage in wishlist titles in March was Aventus Clinic, a specialist hair and skin clinic. 

The team created a super fun campaign all-around ‘The Premier League Of Hair’, ranking the most popular football players’ hair cuts from one to ten, according to a series of data points including social media hashtags volume, number of news articles and search volume insight. This campaign was a great success, gaining coverage in The Daily Star and Yahoo Hong Kong.

Aventus March Round Up

The team also achieved results for their reactive PR and press office activity, gaining Aventus Clinic brand mentions in several high authority sites including Tyla and Hello through the outreach of expert commentary from members of the Aventus team. Hot topics this month were wedding skincare and myth-busting about popular Micellar Water products.  


Social media 

With over 4.2 billion active social media users online (this has increased by 10% over the last 12-months!), business owners have an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes every single day to build brand awareness, develop customer relationships and increase sales via social media platforms. Here are some fantastic social media results we’ve seen from March:


AYRE Event Solutions

AYRE March round up

Not only did we get exceptional results for our clients through PR activity, but we also achieved some fabulous social media results for our event specialist client, AYRE Event Solutions, who wanted to focus on improving engagement across social platforms in March. 

Through bespoke image creation, service-led captions and using keyword research, we helped to increase Facebook engagement by a staggering 975%!


Conscious Youth

Conscious Youth March Round Up

Another social media highlight from March is for our youth-led community organisation, Conscious Youth.

Our aim in March was to improve channel follower figures, specifically on Instagram to ultimately grow reach and engagement. We saw their Instagram account grow by an amazing 91 followers due to our targetted content creation strategy and engaging with target audiences on a regular basis.


Content creation

At Wild, we have monthly WIP sessions where the whole team gets together to generate topic ideas for each of the brands we work with. This then leads to fresh and original written or visual content for PR campaigns, blogs, videos, infographics, and other formats.



In March, the team created an SEO optimised blog all about SEO and how it can benefit your website and business for our website design and development client, Fishtank

Fishtank March Round Up

The blog was designed as a landing page for an upcoming Guide to SEO PR campaign sharing an in-depth level of knowledge and experience. Focusing on search-terms supporting key services such as digital marketing and website design and development, we have seen increases in keyword positions for ‘digital marketing services Huddersfield’ and ‘web strategy agency’. 


Nappy Gurus 

The Nappy Gurus March Round Up

With Reusable Nappy Week soon approaching, our eco-conscious clients, The Nappy Gurus, wanted to focus on uploading onsite content which would include target keywords and search queries for target customers with the aim of bringing people to the website during this peak period. 

For this, we drafted two bespoke blogs for the Nappy Gurus website, one based on the cost of reusable nappies and the other about wearing cloth nappies from birth. To date, there have been 48 improved keywords on the website, as well as an increase in users (+16%) and in organic search (+23%) due to the creation of this dedicated content.


Awards night!

Specialist glass win examiner awardAs well as all of the amazing results above, the Wild PR team attended The Examiner Business Awards as not only were we shortlisted for The Community Award, our clients Specialist Glass Products (SGP) and Fishtank were also both shortlisted in separate categories.

Although the pandemic brought much uncertainty to many businesses, the ongoing investment into high-tech equipment and manufacturing facilities has enabled the glass manufacturer to meet and exceed work on innovative products and services as well as retain and recruit a large number of employees. This resulted in Specialist Glass taking the crown for Examiner Business Of The Year.

Fishtank Agency also won The Creative Impact Award at the Examiner Business Awards for its outstanding work on The Tubex Collection and Recycling Programme.

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