We developed targeted PR tactics to showcase the CIC’s value ahead of a peak period, ‘Fertility Awareness Week’, and achieved high-quality and impactful press coverage.


Fertility Matters at Work is an educational training provider that exists to educate and inspire businesses with an understanding of how infertility affects both their employees and their organisation. 

What was our aim?

Our goal with this activity was to position Fertility Matters at Work as a key voice in the fertility discourse during Fertility Awareness Week. By being top-of-mind for journalists seeking expert insights, we aimed to establish Fertility Matters as industry thought leaders, uncovering and highlighting essential truths about the fertility journey and the part that workplaces need to play in recognising and supporting this. 

The focus also included keyword positioning for branded key terms and boosting overall brand awareness. We aimed to contribute valuable insights to the conversation and measure the impact through enhanced visibility in search engine results and increased recognition within our target audience. 

What did we do?

The activity involved strategic steps to position Fertility Matters at Work as a leading voice during Fertility Awareness Week. We executed a comprehensive plan, creating a tailored pitch document featuring valuable insights for the press. Within the pitch, we included links to specific pages such as whitepapers and educational blogs, as well as insights on key spokespople and information on case studies we had access to. 

Additionally, we created a bespoke media list, conducted outreach, monitored the press office, and facilitated interviews to ensure Fertility Matter’s presence and expertise were highlighted during this crucial awareness week. 

What were the outcomes?

The outcomes were significant as we secured top-tier PR coverage in a range of wishlist publications, including The Telegraph, Mother & Baby, HR Grapevine, and HR Zone

Aligned with our overarching goal of increasing Fertility Matters at Work’s visibility and influence during Fertility Awareness Week, we saw positive results. Comparing Fertility Awareness Week to the previous week, Fertility Matters at Work’s average position, SERPs improved by 7.5%, and clicks surged by an impressive 47%. Most importantly, there was a significant uptick in impressions and clicks for branded key terms, directly contributing to our aim of enhancing visibility and attracting more direct searches. This not only demonstrates our effectiveness but also affirms Fertility Matters at Work’s prominent position during the awareness week, showcasing the tangible outcomes of our strategic efforts.


Wild PR began working with Fertility Matters in June 2022 to boost SEO performance and improve the brand’s backlink profile. Our strategy focused on securing high authority links from a dedicated wishlist of media publications. Following thorough media and competitor analysis, we crafted a tailored digital PR strategy encompassing campaigns, mailers, content creation, and continuous press office monitoring. We were also brought on board to manage social media channels

To learn more about the results we achieved for Fertility Matters at Work, see the complete portfolio here: https://wild-pr.co.uk/portfolio/fertility-matters-at-work/

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