Leading manufacturer of hostile vehicle mitigation systems, Heald, has installed and secured a number of spaces within the bustling area of Battersea Power Station, Central London.

Battersea Power Station is at the heart of one of Central London’s largest and eagerly anticipated new developments. Over recent years, the area has become home to a community of homes, shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, offices and over 19 acres of public space.

As vehicle-borne incidents remain a potential threat to bustling high-footfall public locations, the decision to implement adequate levels of public safety in the central space was chosen due to the area being a potential security target.

The customer had specific requirements regarding foundation depth and the challenge of fitting on a gradient, therefore, Heald’s Matador was the chosen product. Heald provided one HT3 Electro-Mechanical Matador 4 and two Fixed Matador 2’s to secure the public spaces.

Heald’s recent security installations within Central London include securing Pall Mall, East Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross Eastern Side, Leicester Square and The Strand’s East and West sides.

As the ‘Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill’, commonly referred to as ‘Martyn’s Law’, and the ‘Protect Duty’ edges closer to implementation, large public spaces and venues with a capacity exceeding 100 people may need to consider updated safety measures. Heald advises businesses to prepare as soon as possible to ensure compliance with the upcoming legislation and increased public safety.

Debbie Heald MBE, managing director and co-owner at Heald Ltd, comments: “As more areas in Central London develop into busy high footfall spaces, it’s important to consider how a change in public environment and an increase in footfall will pose potential safety risks. 

“Not only is Battersea Power Station an iconic location in London, but soon, it will be one of London’s largest office, retail, leisure and cultural quarters. With a 42-acre site, and a 24/7 community hosting over 250 shops, considering the potential security implications this may attract is essential. Implementing high-quality security systems which blend in with the public realm not only provides a visual deterrent to mitigate the chances of a vehicle-borne attack, but also creates safer spaces. Moreover, the aesthetic design of these bollards, carefully integrated into the modern environment, offers peace of mind, and a visually appealing surrounding for the public.

“It’s likely that most central areas will have safety measures or will be in the process of implementing them, but as footfall increases, new developments come to fruition, and the introduction of Martyn’s Law edges closer, it’s our duty as perimeter security experts to share gentle reminders to help secure our thriving city spaces.

“Heald’s Matador is crash tested to IWA-14 and PAS 68 standards, as well as holding a CPNI Vehicle Attack Delay Standard (VADS) rating. By carrying out PAS 68, ATSM and IWA-approved crash tests, our customers can be assured that they receive durable and robust security solutions.”

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