Client: Specialist Glass Products

Specialist Glass Products (SGP) is one of the UK’s leading glass manufacturers with extensive capabilities in flat, curved, annealed, toughened, laminated and double-glazed glass. The SGP team works up and down the country on various prestigious projects, such as the Elizabeth Line (London Underground), Hendricks Gin Distillery, the Shard, the Gherkin (30 St Mary Ave), King’s Cross Station and more.


What were we tasked with?

We have worked with SGP since 2019, when we were appointed to elevate the brand’s awareness and credibility with an integrated marketing strategy, including digital PR activity. In 2022, we were tasked with looking at PR campaigns specifically targeting large architectural firms.


What did we do?

Innovation is visible in almost every sector, and architecture is no different. With an aim to target key architectural and design audiences, we wanted to develop a campaign to show the versatility of glass and how it can fit into future architecture and interior design.

With this in mind, we worked with a graphic designer from a local university to reproduce futuristic images of traditional UK landmarks such as the House of Parliament, Conwy Castle, Cathedral of Dublin, Leeds Corn Exchange and Palace of Holyroodhouse as if they were made of glass.

Alongside these images, we provided a release which ran through the benefits of using structural glass in innovative building designs, such as:

  • Glass optimises natural light, reducing reliance on artificial lighting and heating. Low-emissivity coatings enhance insulation, enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability in building design.
  • Advanced laminated glass provides durability, resists breakage, and enhances security.
  • Glass allows for customisable designs, meeting specific architectural requirements. Precise measurements enable tailored solutions, enhancing aesthetic appeal and functionality in diverse building projects.
  • Glass’s flexibility allows for curved and bent structures, offering architects unparalleled design freedom. This versatility adds aesthetic value and enables innovative, visually striking architectural elements.


What were the outcomes? 

The digital PR campaign resulted in 15 pieces of coverage and six authoritative backlinks in publications, including In Your Area, The Leader, The University of Huddersfield, Design and Build UK, and North Wales Pioneer. The PR outreach achieved an expansive reach of 500,000 with an average domain authority of 47.

Simultaneously, the strategic optimisation efforts resulted in 17 new keyword rankings, elevating the brand’s visibility in relevant search queries such as ‘iconic buildings uk, ‘landmarks uk’, ‘famous uk landmarks’ and ‘famous glass’. This increase in online visibility resulted in domain authority rising by one place, a +10% rise in organic traffic, and a +42% uptake in organic conversions, underlining the tangible impact of Digital PR on user engagement and conversion rates.

During the three-month period we ran the campaign, we also saw +37% rise in overall unique page views, and visitors spent an average of over 3 minutes on the campaign-supporting blog page. Simultaneously, the campaign harnessed the power of social media, resulting in an extraordinary +402% surge in social traffic during this period. 



Collaborating with external partners can enhance digital PR campaigns by injecting diverse perspectives, expertise, and resources. These partnerships bring fresh ideas, creative insights, and specialised skills, elevating campaign quality.

External partners often offer access to extensive networks, amplifying reach and engagement. Additionally, tapping into their established relationships with influencers and media outlets accelerates visibility, for example, The University of Huddersfield covered our story and provided a backlink from an ‘’ high authoritative domain, having worked with a student of theirs in this campaign.

As a business, collaborating with digital PR providers allows you to navigate the evolving digital landscape and maximise the impact of PR and marketing efforts. Book a 30-minute introductory call with our Managing Director Katrina Cliffe, to discuss how a Digital PR strategy could support your business in achieving its goals. 

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