Following a 1,000% increase in interest for the term ‘latest wedding cake trends’¹ in the past 12 months, event specialists AYRE Event Solutions delve into the most popular wedding cake designs for 2022. 

With full-scale weddings back up and running, having a show-stopping cake is more important than ever. If you’re walking down the aisle this year and in the process of finalising your menu, you must ensure that you are up to date with the latest trends so you can choose the perfect wedding cake. 

From delicate florals to bright colours and sculptured designs, experts from AYRE Events share the most popular up and coming trends to keep in mind: 

  • Pressed floral 

Floral patterns on wedding cakes have always been iconic, but the trend continues to increase in popularity for 2022. With a 2,500% increase in interest for ‘floral wedding cake’²,  it’s clear the floral theme is still in demand. However, pressed floral is a more recent trend, and brides love it. 

Pressed floral wedding cakes can be designed according to your favourite flowers. This type of cake is ethereal and elegant and would be the perfect cake for a bohemian themed wedding. 

  • Bold and bright 

Whilst pastel colours are beautiful, it’s time for bold and bright colours to make a comeback. Colourful wedding cakes have seen huge spikes in interest over the past year with ‘purple wedding cake’ (+316%)³, ‘orange wedding cake’ (+6,100%)⁴, ‘green wedding cake’ (+252)⁵ and ‘yellow wedding cake (+369%)⁶ becoming more desirable than ever. 

A bold and bright cake would be perfect for a wedding held in the summer, and would suit a festival-style wedding theme. 

  • Acrylic tiers

Clear acrylic tiers are becoming extremely popular for wedding cakes, with an increase in interest of 4,500% over the past 12 months⁷. Clear acrylic can provide a divide between tiers, allowing attention to each cake section. Whilst the acrylic can be left empty, many couples choose to fill it with flowers or fresh fruits that match their colour scheme. Another good idea is to fill the acrylic tier with the same flowers as the bride’s bouquet. 

  • Sculptural

Wedding cakes are often used as the centrepiece, and what can be more show-stopping than a cake replicating an extravagant sculpture or a distinctive piece of art? If you’re a style-led couple that appreciates art and culture, then why not combine this passion and creativity into your wedding cake.

From vibrant and abstract designs to modern and white sculptures, a 3D cake design will never go out of fashion.

  • Watercolour 

Watercolour wedding cakes are perfect for the art-loving couple. Watercolour designs can be as minimalistic or as detailed as you desire. Either way, it will undoubtedly be the main attraction on the table. If you want a simple and traditional cake shape but would like to add artistic elements, a hand-painted cake is a perfect choice. 

Floral patterns can be a beautiful addition to a traditional white cake. However, a recent viral trend is the hand-painted ombre cake. 


Managing director of AYRE Event Solutions, Chris Ayre, comments: “We have attended so many stunning weddings already this year, providing equipment and event support, and we have seen a massive shift in wedding cake designs. Compared to previous years, the cakes appear much more extravagant and eyecatching than ever before! 

“Weddings are one of our favourite types of events to support on, and we love to see how every couple styles their wedding to their unique tastes. We hope this list of wedding cake trends inspires husbands and wives to be and makes the cake decision making process that little bit easier.” 

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