Client: Acumentice

London-based Healthcare Consultancy Acumentice has been advising, supporting and implementing systems to transform NHS Trusts since 2014. 

Acumentice’s expert team includes former NHS senior management. The business offers services such as waiting list validation, data modelling and digital transformation projects to support NHS waiting times and improve customer satisfaction. 


What were we tasked with?  

Acumentice appointed Wild PR in September 2022 to raise the brand’s profile among key target audiences, including regional NHS trusts.  


What did we do?  

In April 2023, we developed a data-led Digital PR campaign to uncover patient opinions of the NHS and the changes they want to see. This correlated with a post-COVID-19 wave of patient dissatisfaction due to long waiting times and treatment delays.

To gather the data, we instructed a third-party survey of 1,000 UK adults with a range of questions, including ‘What recent changes to the NHS have most benefitted you?’ and ‘What would you like to see implemented by the NHS to improve your experience?

From this research, we were able to reveal some extremely important statistics, such as:

  •  Half of respondents (50%) believed none of the recent NHS changes have benefitted them
  • Six in 10 respondents (63%) believed the standard of care has worsened. 
  • Nearly half of respondents (47%) want to see shorter A&E waiting times
  • More than one in four (27%) respondents would like to see the introduction of fines and consequences for cancelled or no-show appointments


What were the outcomes? 

We achieved eight pieces of coverage from this campaign, including a TV interview, and built seven new backlinks to Acumentice’s website. Coverage highlights include authoritative regional publications Tenby Observer and West Wales Chronicle, and wishlist industry publication Healthcare Newsdesk

The supporting on-site content was among the highest-performing blogs in 2023, resulting in 45 website users, 64 page views and driving 378 impressions on Google across the year.

Throughout the course of the campaign (August – October 2023), we saw improvements in service-specific keywords, such as ‘health care strategy consulting’ (+34 places to position 6), ‘waiting list system’ (+25 places to position 25) and ‘medical consultancy’ (+4 places to position 7). (All rankings correct as of October 2023). 

Overall, the website had a 46.7% increase in users to the homepage, an overall 29.1% increase in users and a 25.3% increase in new users during the campaign. (Compared to May – July 2023). 

Our dedicated outreach also secured a  TV interview with London Live TV, where the company’s founder and Managing Director, Karina Malhotra, discussed the campaign alongside wider questioning on the NHS and current aligning political topics.

Overall, the PR reach was over two million (including the London Live interview). 



Data-led campaigns are an extremely effective way to captivate journalists as they alleviate the time-consuming burden of data collection. 

Offering pre-analysed, compelling data provides journalists with readily available material to strengthen or construct relevant stories swiftly. This enhances their efficiency and ensures the integration of accurate, substantiated information into their narratives, making data-led campaigns an invaluable resource for journalists under tight deadlines.

Collaborating with a Digital PR agency allows you to communicate your business narrative effectively through data-led and SEO-driven news angles. At Wild PR, our strategic approach maximises media coverage, enhances brand credibility, and navigates potential challenges. 

Save time and optimise your brand storytelling, build up online visibility and establish a robust brand presence with key audiences today. Book a 30-minute introductory call with our Managing Director Katrina Cliffe to discuss how we can create Wild marketing and PR strategies for your business. 

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