Asset disposal specialist, BPI, has been appointed to manage the closure of one of the UK’s leading furniture manufacturers’ production facilities. The manufacturing equipment will be available from the famous facility through BPI’s online marketplace. 

From CNC machine centres to cross-cutting saws, the well-known manufacturer has some of the most innovative and state-of-the-art machinery available for purchase at a fraction of the original cost.

A spokesperson for the furniture manufacturer said: “As we sadly come to the end of an exciting chapter, there is the promise of a new beginning. We have entrusted a reputable asset disposal company to ensure that the legacy of our dedication and hard work lives on. We hope to see the tools of our trade find new homes and new hands to continue an innovative craft.”

The BPI group consists of BPI Asset Disposal Solutions, BPI Auctions and BPI Asset Advisory and provides a modern, innovative approach to valuing, buying, and selling commercial assets.

BPI Auctions is hosting the online auction and has invited bids on a variety of the firm’s contents, including a Talbotts Biomass, Pade MZ Pluris CNC Machining Centre, SCM Sigma Impact CNC Beam Saw and more.

The auction is now live and will run until Tuesday, 31st October 2023, at 14:30.

Richard Travis, Industrial Specialist at BPI, commented on the auction: “This collection of extremely well-maintained machinery is a testament to the manufacturers’ unwavering commitment to their craft. Each piece is of high quality, and its potential is boundless, enabling the repurposing of surplus industrial machinery and equipment, contributing to the circular economy, ready to serve a new generation of innovators.”

“In a time when inflation, soaring energy prices, and the ever-increasing cost of living put tremendous strain on businesses, these assets aren’t just a means to production; they are a lifeline. The opportunity to acquire this manufacturing equipment at auction will significantly reduce operating costs, offering a competitive edge to a business in an economy grappling with financial challenges.”

Find out more and register your interest in the auction here:!/auctions/1f7ff148-f6d1-42be-a8fb-734c3a4ef226?ic=90&page=1 

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