Shockingly, a massive 81% of UK employees have no written career plan in place with their employer, and this needs to change! 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) should be a dominant fact of life in every business today as it can initiate innovation, develop skills, lead to better business opportunities, and improve employee morale and productivity. ​​

At Wild PR, not only do we have a bespoke set of objectives and a clear trajectory of progression paths available, but we also have a Better You Budget, which can be used for training and wellbeing, and the opportunity to take part in industry-leading courses.

Thanks to Katrina and the senior management team, I recently enrolled in CIPR’s Specialist Digital Communications Diploma to develop my expertise in the area of digital PR and marketing. Just because an employee has finished an apprenticeship, graduated from university or achieved a master’s degree doesn’t mean that they should stop learning! 

To help encourage more businesses to support employees’ professional development, I have put together the top five benefits of CPD that can help you as an individual and as a company in the long run:


Ensuring you’re improving in line with others in your field and staying well informed on trends and changes

Staying up-to-date with CPD will ensure that you’re keeping pace with your industry and other professionals in your field; allowing you to offer a service as informed and up-to-date as competitors.

Knowledge and skills can become quickly out of date in the fast-paced world that we live in, especially in marketing and PR. By keeping on top of learning and development, you can make sure you’re always on top of whatever comes up next, such as the recent announcement of GA4, the latest version of Google Analytics (GA) that combines data from both apps and websites.


Becoming better at what you do and providing an optimum service

CPD can improve your ability to do your job and enhance the experience of your work. This boost and feeling of productivity will increase the opportunities for progression and getting ahead in your chosen career, as well as ensure that you’re delivering the best possible service.


Build relationships with industry experts

Focusing on professional development can be a productive path to building connections with industry wizards in your field who have exceptional experience and insight to inspire and further develop your knowledge and skills, spurring you on to do more.


  • Increase confidence and keep the flame alive

Imposter syndrome has been a hot topic in the Twittersphere, especially among those who work in digital PR. With it being a very competitive landscape, we often find ourselves doubting our abilities and feeling like a fraud which can lead to loss of interest, as well as feelings of disillusion or boredom.

But we’re not a fraud, and we do know our stuff! And by focusing on CPD, we can improve our confidence and skills and discover new aspects of work that will keep us interested and driven, not just on an individual level but also as a team..


  • Improve employee engagement

    Employees who have good quality jobs with opportunities for professional development and a clear career plan will not only be happier and more engaged but are also more likely to drive productivity, better products or services, and innovation. 

    This is because professional development can highlight the implications of your work and the impact on those you work with, and who you do the work for.


    What are the best CPD providers in PR and marketing?

    To help inspire, we’ve created a list of resources to begin your learning journey. But, don’t take this as bible, do your own research, watch Youtube videos or simply search social platforms such as Twitter, where experts are always sharing incredible insight.

    The Open University offers over 900 free courses via its online platform OpenLearn where you can choose to take development courses ranging from beginner introductions to advanced development.

    – CIPR and CIM are chartered institutions offering industry-respected qualifications, accreditation and affiliation programmes; open, in-house and bespoke training; industry awards and conferences; and best practice and skills guidance.

    – Hubspot Academy, a popular inbound marketing, sales, and customer service software, has a wide range of e-books, guides, courses and certifications that are free to access.

    – Eventbrite, the leading event management and ticketing website is the perfect place for finding webinars, workshops and networking events in your local area. From social media marketing to team leadership, you will find many free and paid-for events to sign up for.

    – You can learn in-demand skills with over 16,000+ online courses taught by real-world professionals via Linkedin Learning. If you have a Linkedin profile, the platform will bring up courses that they recommend for your job role and industry, or you can search for your topic of choice. The first month is free, and you can cancel anytime!

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