At Wild PR, we strive to create adventurous ideas to secure amazing results for our clients and support their business goals.

We love to look back each month and celebrate the fantastic results we have achieved for ourselves and our clients! From fantastic digital PR results to fabulous content creation and social media, we’ve delved into some of our most showstopping results from June.


Digital PR

Digital PR is critical in enhancing our client’s online rankings, website authority and keyword rankings. Creating brand mentions and focusing on link building is our #1 priority when it comes to our PR strategies, and we smashed it in June! Here are some of our most memorable digital PR moments from last month:


Ayre event solutions

In June, we created an informative yet sensitive article for Ayre Event Solutions on how a business can host a successful pride event and celebrate inclusivity all year round. So far, we have seen some high-quality coverage in HR News and Yorkshire Times, which has aided in spreading the important message around annual Pride Events.

It doesn’t stop there! We also continued the promotion of the ‘Ten etiquette tips that event organisers need to consider’ campaign. From a clear map of the venue to creating breakout rooms and some breathing space, the advice has secured eight pieces of coverage, building backlinks from publications including HR News, CEO Monthly and BR Chamber to support Ayre’s domain authority and keyword rankings.

And finally! We jumped on a reactive PR piece referring to Alan Howard and Caroline Byron’s wedding, where Lady Gaga performed, and The Mirror picked up the story with a brand mention and informative quote.


BPI Auctions

Are you aware of the Super Deduction Tax Relief? Don’t worry if not, BPI Auctions have achieved some fantastic coverage that will enlighten you! Using data from a survey, the team revealed that only one in eight business owners are aware of the tax relief on different types of assets such as solar panels, ladders, refrigeration units and vans.

Having tapped into industry-specific information and strong statistics, we achieved five pieces of coverage, including linking coverage from The Manufacturer and HR News.


Content Creation

At Wild, we have monthly WIP sessions where the whole team gets together to generate new ideas for each of the brands we work with. This then leads to SEO-optimised content to support our ongoing PR efforts, such as blogs and infographics.


Ayre Events Solutions

To complement the Pride events release, we created an SEO-optimised blog for Ayre Event Solution’s website to ensure that we maximise the impact of the online presence. The team focused on relevant keywords, and it has paid off; we have seen some incredible improvements! In June, seven keywords have moved up in their search engine rankings, including ‘outdoor lighting hire’ (+63), ‘event solutions’ (+5), and ‘event production’ (+11). These improvements will have a huge impact on brand visibility and will work towards driving more traffic to the brand’s services on offer.

Specialist Glass Products

For glass manufacturer Specialist Glass Products (SGP), we created an SEO-optimised blog to support and improve SERP rankings for target keywords. We found that interest in sustainability in home design had increased, so we looked at how SGP’s products and services could support in this area.

The blog focused on how interior designers and architects can build a sustainable home using key search terms relating to sustainability and structural glass. We hope to see some fantastic results in July.


Social Media

With over 4.2 billion active social media users online (this has increased by 10% over the last 12 months!), business owners have an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes every single day to build brand awareness, develop customer relationships and increase sales via social media platforms. Here are some fantastic social media results we’ve seen from June:


Kirklees Year of Music

For Kirklees Year of Music, the team have been working hard to promote events and artists such as the Learning Programme Launch and Climate Change Seminar. We also engaged with local stakeholder groups online and kept community engagement as a top focus in our daily social media management.

The results really speak for themselves! Twitter has done particularly well this month, with a +102% increase in engagement, and Instagram has seen a huge 41% increase in engagement due to the mix of informative and engaging content put together by Wild. Kirklees Year of Music also had an incredible +178% increase in social media traffic to the website, driving interest toward the information and resources available.


Uniform Exchange

Focusing on branding and awareness days, Uniform Exchange has seen great improvements across social media. Uniform Exchange is a Huddersfield-based initiative with the aim to make uniforms more accessible for children in Kirklees, especially in the current climate with such a high cost of living. We were thrilled to see its audience on Facebook increase in June (+84 followers) after focusing our social media efforts on showcasing the amazing efforts of the Uniform Exchange team.

And that’s not all! Twitter created the largest flutter of activity with a massive 304% increase in reach on the platform, revealing the impact of our messaging on reaching a wider audience and spreading the company’s values even further. Instagram has also been a valuable platform this month, with a 206% increase in engagement and a 44% increase in reach.


Wild Updates

Alongside June being a fantastic month for client success, the Wild PR team have also been super busy!

We revealed a fabulous new client; natural dog food supplier Dragonfly Products! The team will develop a bespoke marketing and PR strategy to support their brand awareness and business goals. We also have two new clients yet to be announced, so watch this space!

The Wild PR team was shortlisted for the Best Small Agency Award at the UK Social Media Awards 2022, which will take place on Thursday, the 8th of September. This is a huge opportunity to celebrate our team’s hard work day in and day out, and of course, have a brilliant night out too! We are keeping our fingers crossed and wish good luck to those shortlisted!

And last but not least, Abi Gosling celebrated her first anniversary at Wild this month, and we are thrilled to look back on all of her exceptional work!

You can find all of our client’s latest campaigns here or check out projects in more detail here. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn too, to find out more about our latest results and achievements.



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