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I found Wild PR online when searching for creative businesses in Huddersfield for a work placement, so I didn’t know too much about the company. I couldn’t have comprehended how truly amazing the business is and all the women working there.

During my week at Wild, I have learnt all about the business from different roles and perspectives, giving me the complete picture of the business and the marketing and PR industry. 

On the first day, I was briefed on the roster of clients the team worked with and was invited to accompany a meeting with a client where we brainstormed ideas for a social media strategy. This gave me my first legitimate taste of the business world, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning and helping to collaborate with that client. After this, I then proceeded to learn all about social media, PR and even created some content! 

Throughout the week, I built on this by learning about awareness days, researching newspapers and finding contact information to send press releases to. I am proud to say I even learnt how to draft a press release after I was given a chance to write my own. Overall, the tasks created for me to accomplish gave me a real insight into how businesses work and what the PR and marketing industry is like.

Having experienced many different roles in the business, I would say that my favourite task was definitely creating the press release. In the beginning, I had no idea what a press release was, never mind how to write one but with the help of the Wild PR team I learnt how to incorporate the literature side with facts and research to create an overview of a topic. I also found it interesting to look at previous press releases to see how they were structured and the effect they created. Furthermore, I loved creating the content for some Instagram and Facebook posts as it challenged my creative thinking as only a few words are needed to describe an event, but they also need to be interesting and eye-catching.

Although my time here was tremendous, it wasn’t what I had in mind at the beginning. When initially looking for work placements, I wanted to find an art studio or graphic design business as that was the industry I thought I would be heading in. However, this experience has allowed me to discover my passion for English and provided me with the freedom to combine my love of art and literature together. I would say the experience has really opened my eyes up to what other industries have to offer and has further inspired and validated what I want to choose for my A- levels. 

My time at Wild PR was just incredible as not only did I learn a range of things, I also met and worked alongside wonderful people. They helped and guided me along all sorts of tasks and answered the immense amount of questions I asked without hesitation. If it weren’t for them, I probably would have found this a really nerve-racking time; however, those nerves were settled as soon as I arrived as I was greeted by smiles. I honestly believe I couldn’t have chosen a better work experience placement as the abundance of things I learnt about business, in general, was great.

Lastly, I would just like to say thank you to the Wild PR team and would recommend others to do work experience here even if they’re not sure about the sector, as the knowledge gained, I believe, is invaluable.

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