London-based fabricators Illusion Design and Construct have successfully delivered the design and installation of Bridge Command, the UK’s first-ever immersive spaceship experience, in Vauxhall, London.

Bridge Command, a concept developed by interactive/immersive company Parabolic Theatre, is set in the 22nd century. It allows participants to operate a spacecraft, work with team members to fly through space, and complete various missions along the way.

Illusion were appointed to design, construct, and install two operational spacecraft to serve as the project’s centrepiece, combining escape rooms, gaming, and theatre elements.

Beginning with 2D ground plans and then developing 3D renders, Illusion’s design process ensured the integration of all audiovisual, technical, mechanical, and engineering needs. Construction commenced with the approval of technical drawings, followed by off-site fabrication and detailed finishing. After eight weeks of workshop construction, onsite installation began, allowing technical teams to start their work and actors to prepare for their debut.

The interactive experience is now open to the public, allowing participants to immerse themselves in a futuristic adventure set in Vauxhall’s Railway arches. Visitors can book either public or private tickets, and cadet tickets are available for those under 16. Further information is available on the Bridge Command website.

Visitors to the attraction have praised it as astonishing and realistic, commenting that it feels like being inside a computer game and gives audience members a

real sense of agency, unlike other escape room concepts. One user said: “You can see that someone has loved making the Bridge Command, and the result is amazing”¹.

Rory Evans, Director of Illusion Design and Construct, comments on helping Parabolic Theatre bring the Bridge Command concept to life: “The Bridge Command is the result of the creative vision of Owen Kingston, artistic director of Parabolic Theatre. Our relationship with Owen began right from the initial concept, and we’re proud to be the chosen fabricators to bring this innovative idea to life.

“Due to the spacecraft being located within the confines of two railway arches in Vauxhall, we had limited space to work with. This, alongside the extensive technology required to make this a fully functioning spaceship, demanded meticulous planning during the technical design and construction phases.

“The final product is a culmination of the Illusion team’s specific skills and expertise, including concept development and design, technical design and draughting, and scenic artistry.”

Owen, artistic director of the Bridge Command, comments: “When we first started working on Bridge Command, we knew we needed to work with a design and build firm that could go the extra mile, as well as align with our values and understanding our vision. What we were creating hadn’t really been done before, and the scale of our ambition for how the ship should look and feel was colossal. Our goal was to create an immersive experience that felt completely real for the participants. By working with Illusion Design and Construct, we achieved that and more.

“Their expertise in creating unique experiences with innovative tools and building technologies filled us with confidence. From start to finish, the Illusion team worked with excitement, enthusiasm, and professionalism, reassuring us that our vision would come to life exactly as we imagined. Bridge Command is now open to the public, and the feedback so far has been astonishing. Some firms promise the Earth and deliver an atlas. Illusion have delivered a fully-realised, living and breathing world that has surpassed our expectations. We want to thank Illusion for its role in making our sci-fi-inspired immersive experience a reality.”

To learn more about how Illusion designed and constructed the Bridge Command, please visit:

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