If you feel like digital PR coverage from planned campaign activity has dried up and you’re having no luck with achieving backlinks or brand mentions with a press release, fear not! 

It’s really common for brands and digital PR agencies to go through dry spells of little or no coverage, especially in a time where the news agenda is so turbulent and planned activity can easily be disrupted. At the time, it can feel disappointing, but it’s important to remember there are several reasons why this might be. 

With this in mind, our Junior Account Manager, Mollie Haley-Earnshaw, shares five ways you can make the news using really simple approaches:  

Take advantage of experts 

Nearly every brand has an expert behind it. Whether it’s a sustainability brand with an expert in the environment or a dermatology brand with an expert in all things skin, take advantage of their knowledge! 

We’d recommend creating a bank of quotes for each client, which includes general comments on topics they’re well versed in. This way, if you see a relevant media request come through, you can send the journalist something useful quickly, without receiving approval from the client first. 

Utilising your client’s expertise is a great way to create tips and advice based content that publications love to cover! Listicles are a great example of this, as they are easy for audiences to read, and they provide digestible and valuable information. 

Repurpose existing content 

Have you written a perfect piece of content that’s just been left to sit on the client’s website? If you think the content provides helpful information for your client’s target publication, why not turn it into a press release? 

To make the new press release even more desirable to journalists, ensure it comes with expert comments, new or unique statistics, free images, and even a unique case study. You could also check out trending topic tools, such as Buzzsumo or Google Trends, to see how your existing content aligns with topics that are of interest right now. 

Re-pitch campaigns in line with awareness days 

As a digital PR, there’s no doubt that you’ll have amassed a pool of brilliant campaigns that are too good not to use again. Just because you’ve already outreached a campaign and achieved good results doesn’t mean it should stop there. 

We’d recommend always being on the lookout for relevant awareness days that align with your campaign or client’s industry so you can repitch to journalists you didn’t have on your list before. Look out for media requests where your press release could be quickly sent over to the journalist looking for information on the topic you’ve written about – again, this would require no sign off from your client, so it’s a great way to get a quick win! 

Refresh media lists 

You might be outreaching an out of this world campaign that’s been carefully researched and has all the bells and whistles, but if your media list isn’t up to scratch, you could fall at the first hurdle. 

When creating a media list, it’s imperative that you’ve done your research. The journalists on the list should be there for a reason. When creating a media list, ask yourself:

  1. Do they have a dedicated section on their site for this topic? 
  2. How often do they write about it? 
  3. Have they recently covered a competitor’s story?

Look for PR inspiration 

Maybe you’re too busy coming up with great ideas all the time that you’ve been hit with brain fog and need a little inspiration pick me up. Well, you’re not alone. Churning out new ideas can be tiring, so why not head over to some ideation tools to spark inspiration? Check out our blog on how to find inspiration for digital PR campaigns

Lastly, you’ve got this! You’re a PR genius, just be patient and look at things from a new perspective, and the coverage will come rolling in!


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