What Journalists Really Want From PR Teams

Journalists are swamped, their inboxes overflowing. So, at Wild PR we understand that to help journalists achieve their goals – great stories, clear and reliable information and hit their deadlines – we need to think as they do. Our latest blog looks at the best ways to get a journalist’s attention and gives some helpful … Continued

Why your business should enter (good) awards

Successful businesses stand out from their competitors, and they do it by delivering XYZ for their clients. But they also have another trick up their sleeve… a well-defined strategy for communicating that with their target audiences. While there are many ways to do this, one which is often overlooked, is entering awards! Accreditations enhance company … Continued

The difference between advertising and PR

‘Why do I need PR when I have advertising?’ That’s the question many businesses brood over as they try to work out the best (and cheapest) way to get their organisation noticed. A common misapprehension is that PR and advertising are mutually exclusive. This isn’t necessarily true, but they are certainly the two main components … Continued

Facebook and it’s ever-changing page layouts

News just in Facebook has informed us that the business page’s template will be changing. They’ve reassured us that the new design will help us to connect with people who care about our business on and offline. This implementation, which is set to affect the layout of any business pages on the site is called … Continued

Don’t think you have any news? Well, think again!

At a new business meeting recently, we were discussing with a prospective client about the benefit of Public Relations (PR) as part of their overall marketing strategy. Cue the response ‘We don’t have any news though’! We come across this response regularly and we know that to most people, shouting about successes and milestones doesn’t … Continued

Aye up its Yorkshire day ‘n wea’ar celebratin our clients!

We are celebrating today in the best way possible, by showing you how our clients have contributed to the success of Yorkshire. Through miner strikes, recessions, political disagreements and more Yorksha’ has persevered. At times we have had to come together as a community to support one another whether that be with food, a kind … Continued

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