How important is storytelling in marketing?

Just how important is storytelling in marketing? One of the key elements of a content marketing strategy is storytelling. A powerful component of a brand’s toolkit, storytelling in marketing can be used to effectively capture potential consumers at the perfect moment within the buying journey. Regardless of age, people respond to tales and anecdotes. At … Continued

Using social media to drive sales at Christmas

Driving sales using social media is something that brands and businesses have been doing for years and with all main social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram providing an easy and free platform to do so, you would be crazy if you weren’t utilising them. Almost all sectors can take a change in … Continued

Why do we love Christmas adverts so much?

It’s that time of year again. The last batch of pumpkin soup was eaten last week and the bonfires seem to have only just burnt out, we blink and all things Christmas appear! Whilst the Christmas songs in the supermarket might be a little too much, there is one thing none of us mind indulging … Continued

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