Instagram: The Secret Map That Shows People Where You Live

Instagram: 300 million of us use it every month, 90% of users are younger than 30, and 14% of users even admit to using the app while driving. So whats special about Instagram and are there any hidden dangers of this much-loved platform? People love things that are visual, whether it is today’s lunch, a … Continued

Share Your Music Story on Facebook

The updates keep on coming, and they haven’t stopped yet. This week we have seen Twitter change their favouriting from stars to hearts, Starbucks launched their #RedCups campaign to celebrate the iconic red Christmas cup and finally Facebook have been experimenting with their new ‘birthday videos’. ‘Music Stories‘ which was launched by Facebook yesterday, with the aim … Continued

From Stars To Hearts: What Do You Prefer?

Well there it goes, bye-bye, toodle pip, ta ra! Today we say goodbye to the ever famous star and welcome a heart to the Twittersphere! From today, you can no longer ‘favourite’ a post, you can now ‘like’ it with a heart. The changes have been rolled out for most online users and also on … Continued

Emoji ‘Reactions’ Set To Replace the Classic Like Button

Facebook have recently announced the addition of the ‘reactions’ feature to their classic ‘Like Button’. Once introduced it will allow users to be more empathetic towards what their friends post, offering a choice of 6 new emojis as opposed to a simple ‘like’. This has come as a response to noticing that people have a … Continued

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