Will you be changing your profile picture for a 7 second video?

Facebook has brought a whole new dimension to their platform by adding the option of a 7 second looping video instead of a still image. It’s almost like the moving newspaper pictures in Harry Potter… Currently, it is only available to a select few people who have the Facebook for iOS app. It is hoped … Continued

Marketer Turned Mentor at Ladies That Launch Event

Superfast West Yorkshire, the organisation behind the new “Ladies That Launch” event have appointed Managing Director, Katrina Cliffe as a mentor for both budding and established female entrepreneurs. On Friday 16th October, Katrina will be involved in a ‘Meet the Mentor’s Panel’ at the Google Digital Garage in Leeds as part of the Woman and Broadband initiative, where … Continued

5 Reasons We Love Instagram On It’s 5th Birthday!

Happy 5th Birthday Instagram! Who would have thought Instagram has been around for 5 whole years? Through a minefield of social media platforms, Instagram feels like it’s been there forever! At Wild PR we have picked out our top 5 reasons why we love Instagram. Inspiration From food, fashion and fabulous interior design, Instagram provides … Continued

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